Friday, 6 January 2017

Back to hospital.

We were back up at Charing Cross hospital again, for my appointment.

I was so tired I slept for an hour in the waiting room and then felt unreasonably good.

This is a Jasper Johns poster from the third floor. Johns was a 'Pop Art' painter, most famous for his series of pictures of the stars and stripes, which seemed ever so slightly subversive even when it probably wasn't meant to be.

This is a picture of the American States and, as you can see, Robyn is pointing out Pennsylvania for us;

It was very strange watching Doctor Feelgood going through the scan; there's good and bad. I can certainly see where the pain is coming from.

Because I've been so ill, we are waiting for another test to see if I can go on with my current chemo or not.

She has another option but as it's for a completely different cancer it seems like a real longshot to me.

All the same, I came out of the appointment feeling that I'd got some of my fight back after what's been a very tough couple of months.

Oh by the way, did you spot Pennsylvania?

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