Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Under Bledlow Ridge.

I had a traumatic day - I had to go to John Lewis, which I hate.

I hate the fact that it's cheaper and easier to drive miles along two motorways to High Wycombe than to go to the Kingston branch.

I don't like the shop and above all I can't stand the middle class 'ladies who lunch' there.

Anyway we had to go - I'd promised Robyn that I'd take her so that she could spend wedding present vouchers, which we were given, with great kindness.

I had to listen to half an hours worth of revolutionary songs before I left, to cope with it all.

It was all the nightmare I expected it to be!

Anyway, we eventually emerged....into an unexpected afternoon of bright sunshine and it seemed a shame to waste it.

We drove on, under the shadow of Bledlow Ridge where the Chiltern Hills come to an abrupt end at the flatlands of Oxfordshire.

Above us the Red Kites flew lazy circles over the fields.

We stopped at Chinnor and after looking around the charity shop we had coffee and cakes at The Village Community Centre and talked until they threw us out.

Then we drove back, driving directly into the setting sun as we skirted Bledlow Ridge above us.

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