Monday, 23 January 2017

Bad Sunday.

If Saturday didn't go very well then Sunday went a lot worse.

Robyn woke me up to tell me; "there's a problem".

"What's that?"........Gulp!

It turned out we didn't have any hot water and in fact we didn't have any water at all in the hot taps and a bit of a problem with the cold taps too.

I got up, which can be quite painful, although in furthering my research into 'Pain Distraction', I've found that in an emergency you don't notice the pain so much

I checked the taps and found that Robyn was quite right - there was a problem.

First of all the boiler wasn't on - so, after jumping up and down on the stepladder I got that sorted. Magically, even though there was no connection between the two - cold water started to come out of the cold tap in the bathroom.

Which was a result.

Over exited by my success I found that the water pump didn't seem to be on and it looked like it had got turned down. I turned it up - and was rewarded by cold water coming out of the hot tap in the kitchen.

By now I was on a roll, especially when the kitchen hot hot!

Unfortunately nothing made any water come out of the hot tap in the bathroom. Clearly the pipes were frozen solid.

Which is not good - when they thaw out there's a flood and the ceiling comes down. I started to see some really big bills.

I looked outside - the sun was out, the frost on the rooves was beginning to melt and I decided to wait it out.

Meanwhile I'd got cold running around in my dressing gown and couldn't get warm again - cold to the core.

By 1230 Robyn told me there was a dribble of water coming out of the hot tap. At 1245 it was running hot again.

I waited a couple of hours to see if there were any drips coming through the ceiling - looks like we got away with it.

In the afternoon we went off to Café Nero for a coffee and I fell asleep for an hour and a half.

Mind you when I woke up I was warm again.

Quite a day.

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