Wednesday, 25 January 2017

On Coombe Hill.

We went out!

We went for a drive through The Chiltern Hills, skirting Amersham and stopping off at Wendover.

Then we headed up to Coombe Hill, one of the higher hills on the ridge.

The views can be amazing but it was a bit misty. We were here in August watching the grain being cut in the field down there;

It was a walk from the car park that I didn't really notice last year - this time round it was tough. I've had a painful couple of days and decided to just walk through the pain.

That kinda worked.

Everywhere we went January had left the trees bare down to the bark.

When I was ill I would have enjoyed the austerity of it all, now I'm just thirsty for spring and warmer weather.

There is only so much bleakness you can take, although this view of 'Pulpit Hill' was almost like a Japanese print in its clarity.

We wanted to go somewhere dramatic - it was a year ago we got engaged.

And we hit 100,000 views!

Time for a selfie;

It was nice to make it back to 'The Bowl of Warts', which is what Robyn thought I said when I told her the monument was to the soldiers who had died in the Boer war.

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