Saturday, 14 January 2017

Just about me.

That was a tough week - I'd gone up to hospital last Thursday to see Dr Feelgood but because of the Christmas break I couldn't have my chemotherapy the next day as usual - too many other patients were waiting.

But that messed up all the timing and I had to come in again on Monday to do the blood test. In fact, I was due to have my Chemo on Monday, but because of a muddle, I had to come back in on Tuesday.

By Wednesday I was getting above myself and we went into Staines and had a look around the shops.

So on Thursday when we did the 'big shop', I was worn out.

Friday I was up to my doctor's for a nasty little appointment I never look forward to and in the afternoon I was really out of it.

So as weeks go this was quite a tough one; three really early starts and lots of pain.

And the weather has been freezing cold.

But the news last week could have been a lot worse so I'm not really grumbling - just tired and hurting.

And a bit bored.

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