Saturday, 7 January 2017

Robyn's birthday.

It was Robyn's birthday although I actually got the best present; an e-mail from Dr Feelgood to say that my blood test was unexpectedly stable and chemo is going ahead next week.

I should say that the drug company charges the NHS as soon as this Chemo is ordered, whether it's used or not. This one is so expensive we had to wait for the result before the order went in - to make sure there was any point in giving it to me.

In the afternoon we went out for a coffee;

And then on to a posh seafood restaurant Robyn likes - and she got a 40% off voucher through the internet.

I even enjoyed it and did I mention it was 40% off too?

Which was also really nice.

Here are our starters;

And Robyn's birthday cake;

Robyn making a wish;

I hope it comes true, whatever it is.

I've started getting some sleep again, which helps.

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