Friday, 7 April 2017


In the end my trip to the Doctors went OK.

I had a bad night and had problems getting up and the drive in was painful - going over manhole covers isn't a great idea with a broken back.

When I got there I didn't have even an appointment.

I know I haven't been too well but I was sure I'd booked it right. Luckily I checked my mobile - they send me texts to remind me not to miss appointments. I had the text so they couldn't deny I was right. It looks like they didn't 'save' it.

It could have been serious if I'd missed it because I need to have this done exactly every twelve weeks.

Anyway, I was fitted in at the end of the morning and I was able to do without lying down, which I couldn't do.

It hurt a lot more than usual!

But we made it home alright and I have hopes of doing more soon.

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  1. Glad you didn't have to lie down. Hope your back gets better soon.