Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Fighting cancer.

I don't get it, all I did yesterday was drive to Tesco's and walk to the pharmacy to pick up my meds. I felt alright when I got home and even had a reasonable nights sleep.

So why was I so tired that I slept all day today?

I think this quote from 'Play it again, Sam' by Woody Allen says it all;

Dick: What? You got into a fight?
Allan: Yep.
Dick: With who?
Allan: Some guys were getting tough with Julie. I had to teach them a lesson.
Dick: Are you all right?
Allan: Yeah, I'm fine. I snapped my chin down onto some guy's fist and hit another one in the knee with my nose.

Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)
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  1. Yep it's like that. Just keep fighting back and rest when you need to.