Thursday, 27 April 2017

Running out!

Today didn't go so well either - I spent the night in my chair and completely avoided any spasms. I even got 5 hours straight sleep, which is great.

Unfortunately when I got up I then got into a series a really painful back spasms which carried on later. It just goes to show you don't get away with anything.

In the afternoon it got worse - we had a problem with the toilet and I lifted off the cover of the cistern to fix it, only to get a really sharp pain in my ribs. It's quite possible I've broken one. I have done that before and I'm not yet sure how bad it is.

So, in the end we didn't get to do the shopping and the food is running out!

We'll see how I am tomorrow morning.

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  1. When my back flares up my Dr says no lifting anything heavier than a half gallon of milk.