Wednesday, 5 April 2017

I spent the night with Sydney the Cat.

As I've written before, I haven't got much a relationship with Sydney the cat.

Robyn took this picture a few weeks ago before my back went for the second time. Sydney let me stroke her for a few moments while she was lying in the sun.


But this is unusual, she normally tries to bite or scratch me.

Last night we let her sleep with us; I was getting worried that she was getting more and more isolated....spending most of the day away from us.

It went quite well. She did go exploring in the early hours and at one point walked up my leg but it didn't hurt too much.

Otherwise, whenever I woke up she was fine, lying at the foot of the bed.

Unfortunately, although things had been getting better for me, this morning I had a nasty spasm as I was getting up and it did something unpleasant to my back again, which is not so good.

Tomorrow we're off shopping - that should test it out!

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