Saturday, 26 January 2013


I’m fighting a war with my laptop. At the moment it’s a draw.

I thought it was my USB, now I think it’s the damn dongle.

Either way, every so often it has a minor stroke and I lose a load of downloads when it restores itself to an earlier version. That would be no problem, except I don’t have broadband (a long and boring story, more boring even than this one), so I have to go to the long suffering Café Nero, to download a mass of stuff via their broadband.

Yesterday, I did that and it was a really great day. I wasn’t feeling too bad, which shouldn’t be, given what’s happening to me at the moment.

Best of all, I didn’t take my crutches with me at all. It’s a really big deal. Up till now (from August) I’ve been either using them or carrying them with me for as long as possible, until I needed them.

 I just had a walking stick – which isn’t much use for support. It felt pretty exposed, but pretty great too.

I know tomorrow will probably be a bad day again, bring it on.

 Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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