Wednesday, 2 January 2013

So, you think the NHS went wrong?

So, where did the National Health Service go wrong? I’ve written a series of entries that deal with some of the problems, as I see it. For what it’s worth here they are;

1) I wouldn’t start from here, if I were you.

2) Money, money, money.

3) If it wasn’t for the patients…

4) Er, actually who is the real enemy?

5) How could anyone actually not like the NHS?

Of course, the NHS didn’t go wrong. Even at its worst, when patients are left lying unwashed for 11 weeks or left to starve, as recent cases in the press have highlighted, it’s still the best there is. Don’t believe me?

Take a look at Jamaica – I have relatives there. Effectively, all medical treatment is private – you pay or you go home. They have the American system and for the little things maybe that’s OK?.

Except this is a poor country, where a majority of people go hungry many days and so most people stay at home and use “alternative remedies”.

If you are rich – that’s fine, we take AMEX.

If you aren’t rich but you have money (and that’s in a hard currency) you take out insurance like Blue Cross (it’s essentially the US system). Except if you lose your job or miss payments it’s unlucky for you and the family.

There are limits to what treatment you get – and major illnesses are the gift that goes on giving, at least for private hospitals. When the insurance runs out, so does the treatment.

Last of all, there are public hospitals, basically A and E’s which are like a war zone.

Prescriptions are not free – the pharmacist is not running a charity and it doesn’t matter what you’ve got, if the money runs out, its back to alternative remedies.

Alternative remedies? That seems to involve boiling tree bark. Hmmm.

As I said, it’s essentially the American system where the most common cause of personal bankruptcy is falling ill.

Fall ill in the UK? The hospital is a drive away, treatment is a few hours away and it’s provided free by some of the best Doctors and Nurses in the world. No fear, no worry; at least about money.

And you think we went wrong with the NHS?


Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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