Friday, 11 January 2013



   If you don’t complain

       They do it again!

January really is the cruellest month, one minute the river is about to flood, then when the water levels start to fall it gets cold.

I never imagined, back in the summer, that my battle with the hospital would take so long or be so hard. So far, haven’t got very far. Then again, it may be that the problem is that so far I haven’t been taking my own advise.

I’ve complained to the hospital and started a Blog. When I got nowhere I complained to the Care Quality Commission, which at least persuaded the hospital to send me the report they had written 5 weeks before.

Now they won’t reply to my letters…..

That leaves;

1) proper, embarrasing publicity.

2) Sue the bastards.

3) Complaint to the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

4) Complaint to the British Medical Association.

5) One more letter to the Chief executive.


 Now which will it be?


Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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