Thursday, 10 January 2013

I've got a font and I'm going to use it!

Had a bit of a set back at the clinic on Monday, when I got the results of a blood test I took just before Christmas. I wasn’t too well at the time, so not entirely a surprise. We’ll see how it goes, later. I always knew this would be a fighting year.

This Blog isn’t about cancer, but it has a part to play in the story of my fight with St. Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey and so it will come up from time to time.

So, I may not be able to be as active as I’d hoped – but I’ve still got a brain, a heart, fingers and a few other things too.

I’ve got a font and I’m gonna use it!

I’m not going to go away, like the Hospital hopes.

The situation so far;

They didn’t notice I had a dislocated fracture of the ankle when the ambulance brought me into A and E on the August bank holiday, so they sent me home for a week. When I went back, all hell broke loose –it looked like an overcooked Cornish pasty, with blisters. Not good.

When I got out of hospital, I complained – they ignored it.

I complained to the Care Quality Commission; suddenly St. Peter’s responded to my complaint, nearly 4 months after I attended A and E.

It was a whitewash.

I wrote back on the 19th December with my response and an urgent request for the British Medical Association reference number of the “consultant” who treated me.

No reply – Andrew Liles, Chief Executive of Ashford and St. Peter’s NHS Foundation trust.

You don’t write, you don’t phone.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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