Thursday, 25 July 2013



Well Whoopdeedoo!

It’s a double celebration for me this month, as apart from hitting 5000 page views, the Blog went over 1000 hits in one month with a few days still in hand.

While I would like to be cool and off-hand about it, I can’t. It means a lot. Thanks.

When I thought I’d won my fight I went round thanking all the people I thought had helped make it work. In fact none of them had been looking at it, or they were too ashamed to admit it.

So, it’s all strangers I have to thank.

Even my other, seriously boring site has now gone over 600 hits and I don’t post there so often.

When I started, I put the number of page views up when it hit 20 – that seemed pretty impressive to me, something to boast about.

So, thanks stranger.

Anyway, I promised to burn my hat at this point – so    here’s the photo, be warned it’s a bit gruesome;








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Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

Hatricide pictures will follow, when I’ve found time. Sniff, sniff.

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