Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Save the Hat.

I don't know why you all want to save my hat from the flames - it's going to burn when the site hits 5000 - in the mean time sending me historic posters to try and make everyone nostalgic is not going to work;

SAVE THE HAT        


The meeting of the International Hatting Commission:

Centre Point, Tottenham Court Road.

       12 noon   30th JULY 1977

Did you know that hats were once seen in every ocean in the world – today it’s a once in a lifetime experience to catch sight of a hat. Scientists predict that they are now such an endangered species that our children will never see one in the wild unless we stop the killing now.

Countries like Japan, Iceland and Korea are responsible for the killing of thousands of innocent hats.

Did you know that this means shooting a hat in the crown with an explosive harpoon, leaving it to die in slow agony, floating in its own blood?

Hats are social creatures, loyal and intelligent. They communicate with each other over long distances and mate for life.

Will this murder never end?

Picket the International Hatting Commission.

London Greenpeace

Save the Hats campaign.

9 Poland Street, London, W1.

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