Monday, 15 July 2013

The London Correfponding Society

All I did was say that when the Blog hit 5000 views, I'd burn my hat. Now all I ever get is dusty old hat protests from the mists of time. Who cares?

        The London Correfponding fociety.


In af much as it lieth in the heartf of mankind to affordeth rightf to all freemen af are equal before God.

In af much af our brethren the citizenf of France and America have afferted thofe rightf, in liberty, by way of revolution againft the oppreffion of a king.

In af much af every man fhall be entitled af of right to a hat.

Then it if the duty of all freemen to fave fuch hatf af are in danger of burning.


The London Correfponding fociety of Artifanf and working men.


fecretary, Mr Thos. Capotaine Esq, gentleman of Hatford.

Master Edwd. Phrygian, freeman of Hatton Garden, London.

figned thif 30th day of  July 1792.


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