Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Hattites.

Since I said I would burn my hat when the page views passed 5000, the protests go on. I've been sent this old poster from the machine breaking era of protesting;

By all that if right and proper in our land, it hath come to the notice of  timeferved and indentured hatmen that unfcrupulouf and blafpheming manufacturerf of hatf fuch af mafter Jofeph Bicorne of Leedf hath confpired against thofe whofe only defire if the fupport of their familief, by importing machinery and the power of water and fteam by and of the devil, for the making of hatf by the dozenf and thoufandf, humbling thofe fkilled working men af fhall be forced onto parifh relief and into ftarvation and want and begging for almf af a confequence of fuch devilifh actionf.


The men of Capn. Ned Hatt fhall meet on the moor at midnight on the 30th day of July 1814, when the moon if full and fhall thofe mechanifmf of the devil be not gone that very night, fhall bring Mafter Jofeph Bicorne of Leedf to account for hif actionf and fhall break and burn faid devilifh devicef by their own handf and with the mighty hammer of Capn. Ned Hatt.

In the name of our lord, the freemen and hatmakerf of yorkfhire fwear thif folemn oath.

figned: Capn. Ned Hatt and hif men.

Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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