Thursday, 4 July 2013

Protest Meeting

  Protest Meeting to be held

   at The Memorial Hall, Farringdon Road, London Ec4.

   30th July1898                                
                        Must the Hat Burn?

            No, it shall not!

                                Starting at 6 30 pm prompt.

                               Light refreshments at 8 00pm.

                        Mr Cadbury’s Hot Temperance Coa Coa

                                      Served at 10 00PM

                                    Carriages at 11 00 pm.

     The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Hats 

            Proudly announces the following speakers;

                          Lady Bonnet

      Known throughout the land as ‘The Hats Friend’

           Speaking on behalf of the Ladies section of the Society.

          “Be thou cap ‘ere so lowly or thy Top Hat the finest in the land – spare that hat”

                      Taken from “Spare that Hat” The latest Penny Pamphlet by Lady Bonnet

The Right Honourable Horatio Tricorne, Esq. M.P. M.A. Cantab

               Radical philosopher, disputationist and vegetarian.

                              Monsieur Trilby

                         From Continental Belgium – by Steam Packet.

                              Bro. Sidney Capp.

                                                              General Secretary; A.S.F.S.S.R.B

                            The Amalgamated Society of Felt pounders, Shoddy Fettlers, Straw formers,                  

                      Ribbon setters, Bow tighteners and related trades {speaking in a personal capacity}

         The London Working Class “Titfer” Choir
{including the humorous ‘Cockney Rascals’ of  Bethnal Green}

  And finally by public demand ‘The Blessing’ given by the Very Reverend Ebenezer Souwester, who will also deliver his acclaimed;

      Illustrated Temperance Lantern Lecture

                         Utilising artificial Chemical light

                      {atmospheric conditions permitting}

     And a Silver Collection for the Societies funds.

        To be declaimed by Dame Margot Milliner

          Suffragist and noted Anti-Vivisectionist.


        Printed and Published by Mr Harold Quelch, The Twentieth Century Press, 37a Clerkenwell Green, London Ec4.

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