Sunday, 21 July 2013

Guido, the male model, shows off my new hat.

Today, I made an exhibition of myself and got so excited I forgot to go to Tesco’s.

My hat is due to be burnt – I’ve hated this hat since I bought it.  Sometime next week when this Blog hits 5000 page views, the flames will take it. It seemed like a good laugh a few weeks ago when 5000 seemed impossible, I’d assumed summer would be over by then. I have another hat but that’s quite cool and it’s reserved for nights out. I needed a chemo-hat and was even contemplating a trip to central London. I wasn’t too keen on the struggle.

Today, I spent the afternoon in Egham and was on my way to Tesco’s when I popped in to the Shelter Charity shop and found a hat! It fitted, it had class, it was unworn, a good make (Uniqlo) and it was only £4!

I got so carried away that the people in the shop must have thought that I’d lost it. I even forgot to go into Tesco’s on the way back.

I’ve asked my good friend Guido, the male model, to show off my new hat, so that you can see it in the best possible light.


Now that really is a hat.


Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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