Wednesday, 17 July 2013

One Note Samba.

                                 One Note Samba.

Monday was a long, hot difficult day, full of problems. I washed my jacket in the afternoon and hung it up in the garden to dry. It only took about an hour it was so hot and by the end of the night it needed another.

At my Jazz Club it was hot, hot, hot, the air conditioning didn’t work till the second half. The music? That kicked in from the start with a fast blues.

Third number in and Antonio Carlos Jobim’s ‘One note Samba’, was a masterpiece. Trevor Tomkins was onto his signature sound – one brush, one drumstick, Nigel Price’s electric guitar caught the mood of the piece and the heat of the night while the rhythm of Vasilis Xenopolous’s sax hammered out.

Charlie Parker was a theme for the night – in the first half ‘Ornithology’ allowed Vasilis’s tenor sax a chance to duel with the guitar and Alex Hutton’s keyboards.

By the second set the air-con was on, at last. There was also a remarkable duet – guitar and Alec Dankworth's fine bass on a Stanley Turrentine number. The last piece was another by Jobim.

It may have been hot but it was just about the coolest place in town. Fast but ice cool.

After I wrote yesterday’s Blog (‘geezers’), I realised that when I wrote about how things usually ended up in a riot but; “no one got hurt and I made some new friends”  - that was pretty much my recipe for a good night out.

And for once, there wasn’t even a riot.


Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)


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