Sunday, 14 July 2013

More hat stuff.

Ever since I said I was going to burn my hat when I hit 5000 page views, I keep getting this 'hat stuff' - it won't change my mind. The hat is gone.


The International Workers Hat and Cap League.

     “End the Means Test”

         Close the Workhouses

    ‘Hats for All’ march and rally

From Jarrow to Hyde Park Corner.

 Arrives London 24th April 1936

10 00am   Street Corner Meetings;

           Hammersmith Broadway                      Upper St. Islington

           Tower Hill                                            Elephant and Castle

           Clerkenwell Green                              Clapham Common

       Then march to Hyde Park.


              Ellen Snood M.P.

                 Max Fedora

               [Stepney Tenants Association]         

                Lady Fascinator 

                             [Aid to Spain Committee]

                 Claud Chapeau

                       [‘Balaclava’ of The Daily Worker]

             Harry Headguard [C.P.G.B]

               [Stewards Meeting 0800 am Leman Street]

               [Pavement Slogans-Chalking all week]


        Org;   The London Hats for All Committee

                  Hands off the Hats ad hoc Committee

          16 King St. Covent Garden, London WC1
Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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