Thursday, 10 July 2014

21000 Thanx.


I know that’s not a very exciting celebration of reaching such a milestone but I’ve been having some problems for a fortnight which don’t always get onto the Blog (and having some wonderful times too – not all of which end up on the Blog either!), I’ll do better at 22000! Promise, meanwhile this is why I do this – apart from having fun.

I started all this because when I broke my ankle a consultant at the Accident and Emergency Department of St. Peter’s Hospital in Chertsey sent me home for a week because he couldn’t spot a displaced and dramatically broken ankle on my X-Rays. I could when I saw it later.

What a moron.

I could have lost my leg – I was lucky that when I went back, the good surgeons of the Trauma and Orthopaedic units saved it.

My complaint? The hospital delayed, dodged, lied and covered up what happened. It took a year to get a meeting with someone from A and E.

Because the report into the incident was written by another consultant from A and E and because s/he never even spoke to me about it, no one ever listened to what I said and nothing was done about what actually happened.

Back then I was fit enough to cope with the two operations and 6 days in hospital that resulted from their stupid negligence. It may have only been a silly ankle but what made me so angry was that an elderly person would not have survived it.

Now my cancer is that much worse; if it happened now they would have finished me off too.

I’m not about to let them off the hook – people die because of bad treatment, very few people complain and hardly anyone ever makes a real fuss.

So, while I have lots of fun, do music reviews, play out silly stunts - this is a serious Blog, it’s still a health campaign.

 It matters, it really does

Thanks to all of you reading it.

Normal service to be resumed shortly.

Neil Harris

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