Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Made it, again!


That was nice – I had my appointment at Oncology today (Dr Feelgood has run away to a desert Island or Las Vegas or Machu Pichu or wherever it is that consultants go for their holidays).

I’m OK for another month. That’s nice, thanks Dr Feelgood.

I had a good send-off too; I had a late night last night, and that involved ice cream, beer, Jazz and more. Thanks for that too.

This is Henry Lowther on the left and Art Themen on the right, my favourite saxophonist;

                                  Nice shirts, boys.

Art was in really good form, his sax sqawking and shouting. It always means a lot to me to make it to his appearances at our club; modern jazz at its best.

Trevor Tomkins on drums, Dave Green on Bass and  Robin Aspland  on keyboards made up the set.

Neil Harris

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