Tuesday, 29 July 2014

22000 Thanx



I’ve had a really rough week so it’s any excuse for a celebration – a very big thanks to everyone who helped me stagger to 22,000.

This is what started it all,

‘The Ankle Rankle’


I’ve got a problem

and it’s really starting to rankle.

You see, I hurt my leg

in fact, I broke my ankle.


The problem was my mistake

Oh what would that be?

The ambulance took my break

to St. Peter’s A and E.


Because instead of trying

to fix it there and then.

Some idiot, what was he was doing?

Sent me home again.


You can mess up a finger

You can bugger up a wrist

but only a consultant at St. Peter’s

would think a break was a twist.


I started this Blog when I realised that to the Accident and Emergency department, appallingly bad treatment was just one of those things. It was something that was going to happen once in a while and there wasn’t much to be done about it.

As a patient you should just shrug your shoulders and move on. If you want to, you could always sue (that’s why we have insurance and it’s only public money after all).

Except that when no action was taken against the consultant who was unable to spot a badly displaced and broken ankle on my x-ray, I saw red.

I wasn’t going anywhere.

The hospital’s solution?

To recommend that he take a ‘moments reflection’ and to appoint him to supervise junior doctors training to recognise broken ankles.

He was allowed to blunder on ignorantly through another 3 months in Accident and Emergency, out of his depth and unable to do his job.

Then when his contract ran out, it was not renewed and he quietly left to carry on somewhere else.   

My solution? To shine a spotlight on the hospital and what is going on there.

Because as a result of this Blog I have found that only a tiny minority of patients who have good reason to complain actually do. Most are too scared or too ill to make any kind of fuss.

So, amid all the nonsense you’ll find here, there is a serious purpose to all this.

To remind those who run this NHS Trust that we are watching….

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)
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