Monday, 14 July 2014

Bye Bye Brasil.

So, farewell then to one of the best World Cup Tournaments I can remember. Apart from the fact that every team I supported……lost.

I had a rough week last week, ill and facing problems.

Then again, a week ago today I was at the roadside waiting for Le Tour de France to flash past. I still see the Timer every day at the Sprint Finish, leaning over the balcony of the timing truck as he watches the riders go by.

This morning was so beautiful I went to see my friends the Punk Horses.


Last week I took Robyn to introduce her to them but they were rude – they walked away from us. I’ve had to punish them, which has involved carrots.

As you can see, things are back to normal now.

Me? I spent the rest of the morning cutting back bushes and trees, got worn out and collapsed in front of the TV.

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