Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Rolf Harris - now it can be told.


It's not a very good picture but I think it captures something of the man.

Now Rolf Harris has been convicted, some of the people who paid up to £40,000 for his pictures may be moving their investment into the basement. I don't suppose the queen will be so amused that he painted her portrait. And we will start to hear some more about what happened.

It's always children, because they are vulnerable and in that era children weren't protected and they weren't listened to. This conviction of one of the 'untouchables' goes a little way to setting things right.

There are more to come, I hope.

10 or 12 years ago we had a minor problem with a woman who came to the door looking for Rolf Harris. She obviously had problems; haunted eyes, the look of a stalker. I got chatting with her and it eventually came out that she was going through all the phone directories for Berkshire to find the 'R.Harris' entries. That was my dad's name and after he died it took us a while to alter the phone book.

As I said, I assumed she was a fan - perhaps a bit of a stalker. I even thought about getting help but she clearly wasn't dangerous - just very sad. And very determined too.

Now, of course, I know that she was yet another victim of this predator. I hope she comes forward - after the successful trial more victims have done so.

Coming forward means you aren't a victim any more.

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