Thursday, 10 July 2014

Support our Public Services Workers!

As I'm writing this, I should be marching down to Trafalgar Square with many thousands of striking Public Service workers.

These are my Bothers and Sisters from UNISON, which organises workers in local government and the health sector and they are on the picket line outside Staines Town hall.

But this is much bigger than just that - well over a million workers are on strike today although you wouldn't realise it from the media.

The Fire Brigades Union is out again protesting against the plan to raise the Firefighters retirement age and reduce their benefits, set against plans to cut fire stations and cover by relying on volunteers instead.

The PCS civil service union is out as is my union Unite in the public sector (its paper publicised my blog!) and the mighty General, Municipal and Boilermakers Union has called out its local government workers too. Teachers are striking as are Court Workers, Prosecutors and Border guards.

As usual it's the workers who have had to endure a pay freeze for three long inflationary years while the senior managers have been raking in pay rises and increases in benefits. 

What it's all about is privatisation of public services, a reduction of all wages down to the legal minimum (and below if they could only get away with it) and the end of universal non means tested benefits.

We aren't going to put up with that now are we?


Neil Harris
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