Sunday, 20 July 2014

Hobgoblin in a mist; The Wicked Venetians, According to you, Girl in the garden.

I’ve been having internet troubles; running a high powered multimedia campaign without broadband is not so easy. There’s been a bit less of the ‘multi’ in my media recently.

But I do have a surprise for you on Monday – so much so I can’t actually tell you about it till then. It's a secret.

I can tell you about the Jenson Nightingale 50th birthday bash at The Hobgoblin, which he celebrated by laying on 5 bands and a fair supply of Jägermeister.

I didn’t catch all the acts – I was distracted by an amazing plate of noodles and a cloud of mist which meant my poor old pawnshop camera couldn’t cope very well.

I did get to see ‘According to you’, a local band which has been around for years but still seems fresh;

And then a band I’d travel some way to see;

The Wicked Venetians who have a new video out which you can check out for yourself by searching for them in YouTube.
Any way I took some great photos, shame about the mist.

But as I said, after we’d polished of the noodles I got even more distracted.

Monday night? Sorry, my lips are sealed – it really is a big secret.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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