Saturday, 19 July 2014

Support out Firefighters!

As you'll know if you are a regular reader of this Blog - I support workers in struggle.

On Friday night, as me and Robyn were lost in South London well after midnight on our way back from watching the Ali Maas Bluesband we came across Wimbledon Firestation.

Outside the station there was a nice fire blazing which means, as you can see, the Firefighters are currently on 8 days of rolling 2 hour strikes in opposition to their employers attempts to reduce their pension rights and increase further the age at which they can retire.

Already the former retirement age of 50 has turned into 55 years and the new proposal is that our courageous firefighters will have to work on until they are 60 years old.

They already pay some of the highest pension contributions in the country - the intention seems to be that if they have to work long enough they will fail their fitness checks and lose their jobs as well as their pensions.

Are we going to let that happen?

Some of Wimbledon's firefighters came to our part of the country when we were flooded in the spring - along with crews from up and down the country (you can check this out on my Blog for March and April).

More importantly, this is a dangerous physical job and it's not something anyone can do properly at 55.

If you don't believe me have a look at my Blog commemorating Clifford Cox, a firefighter who collapsed and died while fighting the floods in Staines.
here's the link;

So, support our Firefighters - you may need them one day!

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