Saturday, 5 July 2014

Brooklands College end of year at The Hob.

Thursday night and I’m at the Hobgoblin with Robyn for The Brooklands College music department end of year concert. It’s the Hob at its best; putting on a gala night, putting something back.

This is Girl in the Garden who you’ve seen a number of times;
Reduced to a three piece for one night, I prefered their rougher, simpler sound but for the last number they were joined by a former guitarist for a much fuller sound which was more Robyn’s thing.

Then there was Primal Beard;

Where I managed to cut the heads off the excellent female lead and bass guitars. But I didn’t get to cut the beard off;

That was a spirited performance.
Amazing young musicians and there were quite a few I didn't pictures of. But, for an elderly punk, where is the anger of a generation that had its future stolen from it?

I'm puzzled.

The really good news for me is that the planned refurbishment of The Hob has been cancelled.

Whatever the reason, I’m glad, I like it the way it is – you can change it when I’m gone.

There’s still going to be a good night on the 19th – with According to You and The Wicked Venetians there (amongst others) it will be an amazing way to celebrate not making a new start.

Neil Harris

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