Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Haynes Workshop Manual.

So anyway, as I was saying to Robyn, having an At-At in the front garden isn’t so bad you should see what people keep in their garages….anyway I’ve got a big tarpaulin over it and when I can get my mates together we’ll do the respray….I know the rocker heads are in the kitchen but you don’t want them getting rusty do you? And all I need is some O-rings and a few gaskets and if I could get a week off work I’m sure I could put it all  back together again and really you’ve got to look at it as an investment…these things will be worth a fortune one day…if only you’d let me buy a second one for spares…have you seen the cost of shock absorbers and they are as tall as I am and I’m still saving up the hydraulic fluid I get cheap from down the scrapyard….I think it’s going to take another year before I can fill the garden pond but it’s almost ready…..then we can take it down the high street for a laugh…….

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)
I saw this in a charity shop and took a photo because haven't we all tried to run a car we couldn't afford while puzzling over an oil stained Haynes manual that just doesn't quite explain well enough how to get that damn thing to fit back where it came from?

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