Monday, 8 August 2016

Anger management with Sue Shorter.

I didn't have the best of Sundays - I wasn't so well, it was hot and we got stuck in a traffic jam that I could have avoided.

We were on our way to see our friend Sue Shorter play at the church on Kew Green.

Except that after I'd driven around the green about 6 times looking for somewhere to park I'd just about had it.

Sue plays a range of percussion and wind instruments and her speciality is recreating the sounds of the rainforest after she has passed around a collection of instruments to the audience.

There are maracas of all shapes and sizes, rain sticks (I donated one I didn't need), birds that sing and wooden frogs that you scrape with a stick. 

I told Robyn it was like attending an 'Anger Management session' and she told me that was just what I needed.

Sue is an expert on the Congas;

So afterwards, we went to see her and have a chat and I had a go......

.......which showed me just how hard they are to play.

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