Monday, 29 August 2016

Slightly dampened spirits at The Walled Garden, Lower Sunbury.

We've had some nice times at the Walled Garden in Sunbury, enjoying the flowers, listening to good music and just basking in the summer sun.

The events are put on by Spelthorne Council but we haven't been for a while now and we realised that the season (like summer) is coming to an end. So we got our chairs together and headed off to Lower Sunbury.

It didn't quite go so well this time;

It rained on us - the umbrellas were out!

And the normally excellent Jake Fryer Trio weren't exactly firing on all four cylinders either. It may not have helped that they were moved from the stage into what seemed like a bus shelter, with acoustics to match.

And every so often the mood was broken by a rather grumpy park keeper throwing chairs onto a trolley.

And the café shut early so we couldn't get anything to eat or drink.

And every so often there was a rather strange sound that Robyn noticed....rather like someone throwing pebbles on the ground.

It came nearer and nearer.....

It turned out that the automated sprinkler system hadn't been turned off for the concert and it activated itself and drenched about a quarter of the audience.

Elderly people, the disabled, their belongings, all scattered by the water. Which was odd, because it was raining and the water really wasn't needed.

We did get an occasional glimpse of the band through the umbrellas;

But generally it felt like we'd outstayed our welcome.

Hopefully the concerts will be back next year.

Neil Harris.
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