Tuesday, 2 August 2016


On Sunday we went out for the day - I haven't said that for some time.

We didn't really know where we were going, we just had to get out.

For once the weather forecast wasn't too bad and it was my mum's birthday too, so I had reasons to want to take my mind off things.

We ended up going to Worthing......by the sea;

It was a glorious day;

We walked along the promenade, sat by the sea, just basked in the sun.

It turned out everyone was there - it wasn't quiet old Worthing at all. The promenade was lined with charity stalls and thousands of people.

This was my favourite - a bicycle powered smoothie maker publicising bowel cancer;

Then we came upon a rally of vintage buses including our old friends the London 'Routemasters';

There were busses of all ages and colours;

Each one lovingly restored - this one brought back many memories;

This 'Greenline' bus served rural areas and I used to catch one every day to school. I wandered inside and sat at the back of the bus. I opened and shut the windows, felt the smooth handles, smiled at the ashtrays.

I was back in time;

We sat on 'our' Routemaster and as I walked amongst the old buses memories came back of going up to London or bus trips on holidays.

I never rode on this one, the star of the show for me;

Built in 1949, it spent it's working life in Devon for many years although I never saw something so glamorous when we were on holiday there.

It even had a fin!

We had ice creams, watched the people go by and in the evening drove to Littlehampton where we walked on the beach, watched people fishing and ate fish and chips.

It was a nice day and tomorrow I'll post pictures of some much more exciting vehicles.

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