Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Bizzarro world.

On Sunday we went for a walk, we both needed to get out. I was desperate to go somewhere I'd never been before but couldn't think of anywhere and I wasn't up to driving a long way.

In the end we walked along from Staines bridge but on the opposite bank of the river.

It was really weird - in all the years I've been here I'd never seen the places I knew from the other bank.

They looked completely different, smaller. And now I could see all the buildings close up that I'd only seen from across the water.

It was strange going through the bridges where we went fire spinning....in the day time.

It didn't help that everything was back to front.

Just before Bell Weir we passed the boatyard near Runnymede and I couldn't help taking a picture of a narrow boat, out of the water.

Then we walked passed an expensive hotel (I'm not giving them an advertisement here) and lots of people lazing away a Sunday afternoon.

They had deckchairs;

And you could hire a 'Tub Tug', a hot tub that was a boat;

I didn't fancy that one little bit - and it's a £120 an hour, so that isn't happening.

We made it all the way to the recreation ground at Runnymede - passing lots of buildings I see from the road but never saw nearby.

But by now I was tired and hurting. We had a sit by the river, enjoying the sun but where I'd parked we were limited to 2 hours and we had to get back.

I was hurting big time when we were back at the car but we walked about 3.7 miles which wasn't too bad.

Mind you, today I'm really paying for it.


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