Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Fantasy cars at Worthing.

While we were at Worthing we wandered in to see a car rally. I hadn't meant to go - it was very crowded and I only need to see cars occasionally.

Ironically, I drive a very small, very old and very slow car that I nicknamed 'The Pimple'.

And yet when I played computer games they were always racing monstrous cars.

And even if I'd never get to drive one I do like looking at these Hot-Rods;

Each one better than the last - when I look at this one I can hear The beach Boys singing;

A lot of time and money has been spent on these cars.

I would like to have heard a few of them firing up.

Fantasy cars flown in from a dream world.

And not so good getting over the speed bumps where we live.

I don't care, they are so cool.

And then we got back to 'The Pimple' and drove on to Littlehampton to the real world and some fish and chips.

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