Saturday, 20 August 2016

Coombe Hill.

I still can't upload pictures onto my computer - or download windows updates. It seems like Windows has declared war on me because I managed to download different software as an experiment.

Anyway, Robyn downloaded these pictures from last Wednesday and then emailed them to me so that I could use them.

We had another trip to the edge of The Chiltern Hills, stopping of at the little town of Wendover;

But we were headed for Coombe Hill - I guess a lifetime of being forced to live at the bottom of The Thames Valley has left me wanting to find the high ground.

We sat eating our sandwiches and disturbing everyone else by laughing a lot.

Robyn misheard me and thought there was a monument to a 'Bowl of Warts'.....I spent a while thinking out loud about the planning application meeting to discuss the project. Actually there is a monument to the many dead of The Boer War; an unjust and imperialist war.

More frighteningly, if you Google 'Bowl of Warts' you do actually get a result.


There are magnificent views - we ate lunch sitting in the shade of a tree, looking out over Ayelsbury and the plain beyond before we moved on;

There are some great views - I think this is 'Pulpit Hill' but I could be wrong;

Out beyond was Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire;

On the way up we passed a farm shop;

And as we sat at the top of Coombe Hill we watched plumes of dust as farmers harvested their wheat on a hot, sunny day;

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