Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Mr Keuner in the Age of Lawlessness.

Here's one of the stories from "Anecdotes of Mr Keuner", by Berthold Brecht.  

And Mr Keuner told this story:

One day during the Age of Lawlessness an official came to the house of Mr Egge, a man who knew how to say no, and showed his ID card for State authority which said that he owned any house he set foot in, could have any meal he desired and any person he met must serve him. The official sat down on a chair, demanded food, had a wash, lay down and just before he went to sleep with his face to the wall he said;  “ You’re my servant, OK?”
Mr Egge put a blanket over him, fanned the flies away, watched over him while he slept and went on serving him in just the same way for seven years. But whatever he did he made sure that he never said a word. When the seven years had ended the official had become obese after so much eating, sleeping and giving orders, and he died. At that point Mr Egge wrapped him up in the now decrepit blanket, dragged him out of the house, washed the room down, painted the walls, let out a deep
breath and said, “No”.

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