Saturday, 27 August 2016

Path to Sennan.

This picture is 'Path to Sennan' by Richard Tuff and it's on one of the walls of my Chemotherapy unit - I was back there yesterday for yet another dose.

It went well - I now have an array of pre-meds to stop me going into anaphylactic shock and they work. Also the dose has been slowed right down and that helps too.

Unfortunately, we drove up (public transport is a struggle these days) and I went over the time limit for my disabled parking badge by about 45 minutes.

Lucky me - no ticket this time! 

Sennan Cove is in Cornwall, a couple of miles from Lands End, at the magical, mysterious and still Cornish end of the county. The next parish, as they used to say, was in America.

I was there just over 5 years ago on my last ever holiday, camping at Botallock just a few miles away.

I was sleeping in my £11-99p Lidls tent and every night I swore I was going home in the morning as I mopped up the water that was driving in horizontally.

Then each was wonderful and I stayed on.

Glad I did now, I never realised I wouldn't get another chance.

On the last morning my mobile phone rang at about 7am and then completely died forever. I thought it was probably work but I couldn't be sure it wasn't my Mum, who I should not have left alone as she wasn't able to look after herself properly even back then.

I spent a very unhappy few hours racing from one broken phone box to another, to pubs where the public phone had just been removed to the point where I realised I'd have to leave early and get home as quick as I could.

It was work, of course and the end result was I missed a precious last day. Who knows, I might have stopped off at Sennan Cove for a walk and a pasty.

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