Friday, 12 August 2016

The Perseids.

There were lots of things we could have done last night - I wanted to go to a late night Prom at The Albert Hall with Jamie Cullum.

It would have been quite a night.

Unfortunately, Robyn put her foot down and wouldn't let me go. She was quite right, I'm not up to it any more.

There were some local bands playing too but for whatever reason neither of us felt like going out to see them.

But we did stay up to see The Perseids, the meteorite storm that comes every August and was at its peak last night.

It wasn't easy because there was a bright moon blocking the sky for most of the evening and lots of clouds.

By midnight the moon had set and there were some breaks in the clouds. If I'd known we would have gone somewhere dramatic but in the end we stood on the front path craning our necks.

We saw a few - including a couple of low ones. I felt it wasn't such a great show, Robyn thought we were very lucky.

I should be more grateful, last year we didn't see a thing.

It was quiet and strange - all around us the shuffling noises of little animals and birds moving. In the distance a fox screaming. Every so often we set of the security lights on the houses opposite.

And once in the while a shooting star high over head.


There may be some stragglers over the next few nights although the peak has passed and there are other nights including an autumn one which is worth looking out for.

But nothing could compare with 2014 when we went down to Ankerwycke with a couple of chairs and some lager and spent the evening holding hands and watching shooting stars long into the night.

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  1. I tried to get tickets to the Prom for you but it was sold out. You could not have sat on the floor or stood for 4 hours. And in the end you saw or heard clips and decided you were glad you hadn't gone, it wasn't original material.

    I was scared to death out there with all the noises. You didn't seem bothered. But in the end someone wreaked havoc on the village and surrounding areas that night so I was right to be scared.