Thursday, 25 August 2016

The Long Walk.

So, tomorrow I'm back up at hospital to get the results of the first dose of this last batch of chemotherapy, which I started 6 weeks ago. It's quite possibly going to be more bad news, so today we went to Windsor Great Park to do a bit of The Long Walk.

As we walked from the car park, we got a first glimpse of the castle through the trees;

And I couldn't resist taking some shots of the deer; the males have got their horns but they aren't yet fighting each other,

They've been here as long as time but these days they are so used to people that they let me get close enough to take their pictures.

Then we got to the copper horse;

But this was why we came - Robyn wanted to do 10km and I'd told her it was 3 miles each way.

We weren't planning to do the whole walk today, just a try out.

Me, I just wanted to stick two fingers up at cancer.

We set off on a really, really hot day;

We actually made it to the white gate in the distance but even so there's still a good way to go to the castle;

It was still a lot further than we'd intended. Here's the view back to where we came from;

By the time we got back I was absolutely exhausted, I even needed to sit down on a wall before I could get back to the car.

Robyn had a look on the map and we think we made it about two thirds of the way. As it's around 2.65 miles each way all the way to the castle, we may have done about 2 miles each way, which together with the journey to and from the car park is quite long.

I reckon we did about 4 miles altogether- mind you I have no idea whether I'll be back to do the whole 10 Km!

Anyway, it's a good two fingers worth!

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