Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Billy Fairburn's memorial.

We went out this afternoon which is unusual for me these days - it's 'Cricket Week' at the village club. That means there's a game everyday.

On Thursday, the M.C.C. send a team and that's a big day. Unfortunately, I've got a hospital appointment that day which means a long wait for some meds and an infusion. So who knows what time I'll get back.

Today was different, we had an invite to the club for a social because our friend and neighbour, Shirley, was sponsoring the day in memory of her Husband Billy Fairburn who died of cancer last year. I knew him for many years so I had to go even though I didn't really feel like it.

It was very nice - a quiet memorial. Good food and some happy conversations. A bit of music,

Unfortunately for me I took one look at the stairs and knew I couldn't make it - so I sat on one of the benches outside. I got well and truly rained on and couldn't get inside to avoid it. It was, of course a Cricket match in the middle of an English summer, so I was always going to get rained on. After that Robyn left me an umbrella.

Eventually the clouds blew over and the game started. It was very close. We were stopping them from scoring, they were proving very hard to get out.

I had lots of memories of Billy Fairburn and was thinking about how (if I'd had a long and happy retirement) I would have done all kinds of things I never had time to do; go travelling, watch more Cricket, do a bit of fishing.

Lots of things.  

I basked in the sun - this summer I've been cold all the time, often sitting under a woollen blanket it was so bad.

I've turned into a cold blooded reptile.

It was really, really painful. I think sitting on benches is not really my thing any more.

But it was a nice afternoon.

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