Thursday, 10 August 2017

Grinding on.

The last week has been a real grind - an outrageous amount of pain, which can't be good whichever way you look at it.

My nights have been really tough - I take painkillers at midnight so that they kick in about half an hour later when I go to bed.

They used to last three hours before I woke up. This last week I've been waking up 20 minutes earlier every night. Now I'm getting about two and a half hours sleep. Then I'm squirming about in pain until about four am when I take another pill and usually get about an hours sleep as a reward.

I get up at about five or so and go to my armchair, put some music on and then get another hours sleep, or so.

It's really tough and we haven't done much as a result.

This morning wasn't so bad and I was able to get to Tesco's for the shopping.

The weather wasn't so bad either today and I don't think it has helped that this has been such a lousy summer - wet and (for me) cold.

I'm struggling on but it is now a struggle. I'm resisting upping the dose of the painkillers for as long as I can, but that will come too.

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  1. That was my thought, your body has gotten use to that fose. Up the pain meds Neil!