Sunday, 6 August 2017

Nice Sydney?

Sydney the Grumpy Cat is now fully recovered. She was ill for about three days - being sick around the house and behaving very strangely.

She was quite nice to me, which is just not like her. She spent one night on our bed and slept on my poor legs for several hours.

For a couple of days she was better. She was eating again and more independent.

As she got better she took up position on the chair we borrowed from a neighbour. I have problems with my back and legs and really need a proper upright chair. We were offered an old chair and I tried it out - unfortunately after a couple of hours it my back and I couldn't use it.

Since when, Sydney has taken it over and spends all day on the chair. I think she assumed that we got it for her because she was ill. Robyn has had to hide it till we can take it back.

Yesterday morning I knew for certain she was alright again because I foolishly held a mouse out on a length of string for her to play with.

She quite clearly looked at my hand and very deliberately scratched my little finger so that she drew blood.

I'm very pleased she's well again but in my heart I miss the nice Sydney who briefly joined us.

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