Tuesday, 15 August 2017

"Hallo Newman!"

I needed some help from Robyn with this Blog - a memory from a year or so ago when I was a lot less ill. I was a regular at Café Nero in Egham - when I was caring from my Mother it was a much needed place to escape to for awhile.

Later, me and Robyn used to sit at one of the pavement tables and watch the world go by.

I haven't been there for ages but we had a lot of laughs there, once.

All kinds of people do all kinds of things in Café Nero. I used to gorge on free WiFi. I've overheard people doing business deals, landlords evicting tenants, job interviews.....you name it, it all happens there.

There's a University up on the hill, so you get lots of students and a few lecturers too.

One day we were inside (must have been cold) and we were both immediately struck by someone sat at a table who was the absolute likeness of 'Newman' from Seinfeld.

Newman is a slightly sinister presence, a catalyst for bad things to happen, things always go wrong around him. In Jurassic Park, the actor plays a similar character whose efforts to steal embryo dinosaurs bring down the whole park.

Anyway, our 'Newman' was sat at one table with a friend from University sat at the next table. Both had their laptops on and were trying to do some work, without any success.

Thanks to Robyn here are 'Newman's' exact words about his University work;

"It's taken me 15 minutes to figure out I need 20 minutes to solve this problem. But now I only have 15 minutes left to solve the problem."

Which left us in hysterics and still does.

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