Thursday, 24 August 2017

Tough Cat.

Sydney the Cat spends her whole day avoiding me - she will run out of the room rather than be left alone with me.

I have renamed her Princess Esmerelda Stinkybutt, partly in revenge. It hasn't helped, the Princess knows what I've called her and it hasn't endeared her to me at all.

She certainly acts like a Princess and she certainly has a ...... well we don't need to dwell on that.

I must admit that after a lifetime of getting on with all kinds of animals this failure is really disappointing. I still think the reason is that she can tell how ill I am and doesn't want anything to do with me. It's now nearly a year since she came here and we started off on quite a friendly basis. As time has gone on she has got less and less friendly......I can guess why.

I always preferred dogs and really, you would expect a pack animal to be much more ruthless. It's not true.

Cats are very tough indeed.

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