Friday, 18 August 2017

Robyn's new diet for me.

Robyn's proposed a new diet for me.

I'm not eating very well - I've got lot's of pain which doesn't help. And I'm on chemotherapy which makes me sick. I've been given pills to stop me feeling sick but they bring me out in a horrible rash. I've been given stuff to stop the rash and alternative pills but sometimes you just get fed up of pills, so at the moment I'm winging it.

That means I'm not eating enough and losing weight.....and I'm doing a lot of retching.

The weird thing isn't that I feel sick more often when I'm eating something I don't like. The really weird thing is that I've stopped liking things I used to really like. I can't eat pizza any more. Fish and chips make me ill. It's very cruel.

Anyway, Robyn's big idea is that I should eat an 'Ice cream diet'.....breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I could do that - I really like ice cream and, so far, it hasn't been a problem. And if you'd told me I could only eat ice cream when I was about seven I would have thought I was in heaven.

Nowadays, it just feels like another defeat.

And no, I will still be eating other well as ice cream.

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  1. My brother and Mike have some fabulous cookies I think you should try.