Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Pastel shades.

Robyn and me were having a conversation about nothing in particular and ended up rolling about in hysterical laughter.

Here goes;

We were watching a comedy and one of the actors disguised himself as a Hell's Angel, complete with full gang colours.

Neil: " He's going to get into trouble, the Hell's Angels don't react very well to people wearing the colours who aren't entitled to them"

Robyn: "What could they do about it?"

Neil: "You'd be surprised they are very dangerous and determined people".

Robyn: "Anyway, they aren't that tough".

Neil: "I'd be a bit concerned if it was me".

Robyn: What compared with 'The Cripps' and 'The Bloods'?"

Neil: "Well we don't have gangs like that here - we do have gangs and they have 'Colours' but they're kind of pastel shades."

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