Monday, 28 August 2017

No point in being predictable.

Another defeat - that's going to be the story from now on.

Over the last month or so the amount of sleep I've got out of a painkiller has been falling, either because I was becoming more tolerant to it or because my illness has been getting worse.

Last night I took my pill at midnight, was in bed by 1230 and woke up in agony at 0100. So I probably got 15 or 20 minutes worth of sleep before the pain got too much again.

I've been using over the counter strength pills up till now, which is nothing. I have the same pills from the doctor and they are four times as strong. In a couple of days I'll start using the stronger ones, cut in half and that means I'll be doubling today's dose.

I expect an improvement but not for long. And so will begin a rollercoaster journey through the opiates, a cold war between the pills and the pain.

A cold war I'll be losing.

But no sleep is difficult to deal with and severe pain is debilitating and so, I suppose, I'll have to give in to it all.

Which is not something I take kindly to.

Who knows, I may try a bit of 'jiggling around' too.

No point in being predictable. That's boring.

Neil Harris
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  1. Take the pills Neil! If nothing else you'll get some rest. My experience, them was groggy maybe first day then coped quite well.